Navigate a glitchy environment in this action-packed challenge! Brace yourself - victory will not be easy! Are you up for the challenge?

TIP: Take some time in the tutorial to get used to the controls. Make quick and precise movements and use all the tools available to you for the best experience!

Game by Andrzej Gieralt and Stephen Bahadur (WOWIE Game Jam 2.0)


W & S to go forward and backward, A & D to rotate

Q & E to dodge

SPACE to dash into enemies

LEFT CTRL to turn around quickly


Music from
"Raving Energy (faster)" by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

Development log


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I was quite fun playing your submission.
You had some great effect with the explosions and the trail of the player and enemies.

For feedback:
- In the current version it is a bit hard to control. I'd love to smash the enemies but often missed. As a suggestion you could increase the rotation speed and see if that makes it more easy to control the player.
- The glitched coins were a double edged sword to me. The are an interesting mechanic. During the quick combat it was sometimes not that easy to see whether  a coin was normal or glitched.

And also the woowie sound was amazing.

This game makes me go Wowwwieeee!

LOL amazing!

I  liked playing the game but i also think the movement is really tricky especially the dodging. I also think the Hitbocks bugged enemys were really hard. Overal i really liked the game and it's style, good implementation of the theme. 

Nice game! I like how the enemies have different bugs!

However, I think the movement is a little tricky ( at least for me ). It was kind of hard to move around and aim etc. Personally I would prefer if you could move with WASD and then the player would look in the direction the mouse is pointing. But I haven't played alot of 2D games so maybe I'm just not used to it.

But I like the idea of the game and I think it fits the theme really well!